Mobile Networks

Signaling System 7

SS7 Mobile Application Part (MAP) protocol has been introduced for mobility support in 2G networks and is still in active use.

Flowcoder allows to simulate any SS7 MAP network node and assure SS7 security. INAP, CAP, ISUP are also supported. Every SS7 network interface can be simulated packet-by-packet with any standard and non-standard packets exchanged at any order, standard or not. Below we illustrate some of the use cases.

SS7 log analysis and packet editing solutions are also available.

Example: SS7 Security

Flowcoder can be used to simulate a real or fake HLR. It can initiate SS7 MAP transactions with MSC/VLR behind an SS7 Firewall using real or fake GlobalTitle. Flowcoder can remotely configure and check the status of the firewall via MML commands if available. Flowcoder can send/receive standard or specially crafted non-standard SS7 MAP messages at any order, and supports any user defined criteria of success/failure.

Example: MITM Deep Packet Modification

Receiving an SS7 MAP SMS packet from MSC, decoding it, changing the SMS text string, re-encoding and forwarding the packet to SMSC. Any packet field or set of fields can be modified on the fly. The MITM functionality is available for any protocol supported by Flowcoder.

Example: Simulating SS7 Firewall

Flowcoder can simulate an SS7 firewall. Any firewall messages filtering logic could be implemented.

Example: Simulating MSC/VLR

Flowcoder can simulate MSC/VLR node.